uTorrent Web Premium Full FREE DOWNLOAD

If you make use of torrents, it certainly uses (or at least you've heard) uTorrent. What is new is that the service, which was available as a desktop program, can now be accessed directly through a web browser via uTorrent Web.

Getting to know uTorrent Web

Upon completion of the download, at the same time uTorrent Web can be used, with the possibility to go through a tour to know the main features or go straight to the initial interface of the service. Whether downloading torrent files or magnetic links, you can search for content within the program itself (via Google results) or on your computer, and you can click and drag items saved on the PC to the uTorrent Web page.

In the case of a video or audio file, you can view them without having to wait for the download to be finalized. Including, uTorrent Web's built-in player features classic forward or backward buttons, pause, change resolution quality, among other options.

Step 1. Download

Step 2. Extract ZipStep 

3. Open Flash Player Install.exe

Step 4. Install