Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100 Premium Full Free DOWNLOAD

Google Chrome is one of the best and most used browsers on the market. Google's browser brings a minimalist look and tools to any type of user.
Chrome Tools
Google Chrome is a browser that promises fast and practical performance for users. It works by using tabs at the top - just like your biggest competitors - and it brings several security solutions, including an anonymous browsing option that leaves no trace on your computer.

You can customize Google Chrome with skins, which are found in the browser extensions store. There are several options that only change the background or completely change the color of your browser window. If you sign in to Chrome on other computers, the skin and other settings are synced immediately.

Another cool tool is Chrome's built-in Task Manager - shown in the image above - that shows all the tabs that are open and the services that are running, such as extensions. If your browser is slow, just open this feature and see which items are consuming more memory, so they are disabled.

Step 1. Download

Step 2. Extract ZipStep 

3. Open Flash Player Install.exe

Step 4. Install